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Summer collection for women

This blog focuses on summer collection for women. There are a large number of options available for women. Tunics are one amongst the most versatile garments which is suitable for all body types and all age groups, so it is a must have garment for all the ladies.

Women tunics are available in different designs and can be used at different occasions. If choosen wisely it can be worn in offices and parties and even after that. It can be either embroidered, fancy, or printed ones and can be worn with leggings, jeggings, jeans, pants and salwars. Its length can vary from knee length to ankle length.

 High low tunics

This type of tunic is quite in fashion these days. It is longer at the back and is raised from the front. It can be ethnic or western.

Short tunics

It is quite comfortable summer wear. It looks stunning and stylish. It is easy to wear and looks quite modern.

Frilled tunics

Frilled tunics top wears are simple but looks stylish even with leggings.

Long line shirt tunics

Long line shirt tunics are also in fashion these days. In this there is a button down front and it can be dressed up and down as per the requirements.

Oversized tunics

These tunics are loved and liked by all types of women irrespective of their size and shapes and weather conditions. It can be also used by pregnant women without compromising their look, style, fashion and comfort.

These tunics can be used on different occasions depending on their occasion specific requirements. Like if there is some special occasion one should go for some designer tunics where as if there is simple occasion simple tunic with jeans will serve the purpose. So it can be termed that these tunics are unique summer collection for ladies/women.

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