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Mount Abu-A beautiful hill station in India

Mount Abu is a beautiful hill station in a royal state called Rajasthan in India. It is situated near Gujrat border and has cool atmosphere and lush green surroundings. There is a lake called Nakki lake  in the centre of this town and is a popular spot for boating. There is a famous Jain temple called Dilwara temple, which  is situated here. It has very good climate. In summer the maximum temperature remains around 34 degree celcius, whereas, winter is cool and the temperature ranges between 13 degrees to 22 degree celcius. Nights are chilly in winter and the average temperature varies from 3 degrees to 12 degree celcius.

How to reach Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a popular hill station in India. The nearest airport is Udaipur airport  which is 185 km. away from it. The nearest railway station is on Mount Abu road  and is situated around 28 km. away from it. It is well connected by roads and the nearest N.H. is number 14. Cabs and autos can be found easily as a means of local transport here.

Best time to visit Mount Abu

Monsoon and  Winter season is the ideal time to visit Mount Abu in Rajasthan, which continues from July to February. Because during this period the weather is extremely beautiful and the temperature is pleasant.

Places to visit in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is amongst the most popular hill stations in India. There are various locations to be visited by tourists in Mount Abu. Some of them are Dilwara temples, Arbuda devi temple, Nakki Lake, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Achalgarh Village, Guru Shikhar,etc.

Dilwara Temples

Dilwara temple is a famous tourist spot in Mount Abu Rajasthan.  It was built by Vimal Shah between the 11th and 13th century. It is very beautiful pilgrimage site for Jains and is located amidst the Aravali  hills of Mount Abu. It is famous for its opulent use of marble and carvings.

Arbuda Devi Temple

It is a favourite hindu pilgrimage spot in Mount Abu Rajasthan. During Navaratra a large number of devotees visit this place. It is also considered as the most sacred pilgrimage  in Mount Abu and is an evidence to the rich architectural heritage of Rajasthan.

Nakki Lake

Nakki lake is also known as Nakki Jheel. It is situated in the Aravali ranges in the Mount Abu Rajasthan. Amongst all the man made lakes this is the first one made artificially in India. It is associated with many legends. Mahatama gandhi’s ashes were immersed in it on 12th February 1948.

Mount Abu wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu wildlife sanctuary is one amongst the most fascinating tourist spots in Rajasthan. It was given the wildlife sanctuary status in 1960 to preserve flora and fauna of that region. It is a good place to see the best of wildlife in Rajasthan in their natural habitat.

Achalgarh Village       

Achalgarh village in Mount Abu is famous for Achalgarh fort and Achleshwar temple. The fort is situated at the top of a mountain peak. The Achleshwar temple is known for Nandi which is made of five metals called Zinc, Brass, Copper, Gold and Silver.

Guru Shikhar

Gurru Shikhar is situated around 15 km. away from Mount Abu. It is the highest peak of Aravali range. Its height is around 1722 meters from sea level. It is named after Guru Dattatreya who is believed to have resided on this peak.

Food in Mount Abu

Since Mount Abu is a popular Jain pilgrimage site there are a large number of vegetarian restaurants are available here. These restaurants serve everything from Rajasthani food to Punjabi and Chinese foods.

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